So..., I, Syndromeda (anagram of "The synthesizer syndrome of Andromeda ), am the Belgian composer Danny Budts.

   I am born in 1958 at Wilrijk - Belgium. As I was always interested in music I learned to play myself acoustic guitar at the age of 14. At the age of 18 I was playing the lead-guitar in a local rock-coverband, called " Cold Turkey " . 

In the mid-seventies I also discovered E.M. My first acquaintance was " Ricochet " of Tangerine Dream. I soon learned to know the music of Klaus Schulze, Jean-Michel Jarre, Vangelis, etc.
In 1979 I built myself a modular synth, a Formant, and also bought a simple monophonic preset-synth a Roland SH-2000.

Now, more than 35 years later (oh, oh...), I have a Midi-studio with different analog (also a modular) and digital  synths,  effect-processors, mixing & recording equipment, etc, and I feel that I am no longer limited by my instruments to make the music I want.
My studio " Sin-Syn " is located at the back of my house. During composing I can overview my garden. That also inspires me a lot. I think it's very important to get feedback from the outer world: "Sometimes other people push you back with your feet on the ground, and that's where you belong. "

  My music is very uncomplicated, it creates itself, I don't think much about composing it. My songs describe what's in my heart, my mind, about my mood at the time of making it, moments I wants to keep and to share with others. Sometimes my music is pleasant, sometimes it's melancholic or even sad. But when I feel bad, (if it ever happens), I will avoid making music. I will only reflect the positive moments: " You can't share your music with someone if it makes him feel bad. " I will only give his listeners the good moments, and let them remain with positive feelings.

My music is strongly inspired by the Teutonic " Berliner Schule ", but I am not afraid of using deep atmospheric dark soundscapes. I try to combine these 2 musical forms to produce my own sound.

"Music is very important for mankind, It's one of the oldest things on earth - listen to nature, you can hear music - even in the cosmos there is music. People have always been involved with music, but we must use it rightly, only in a positive way. I believe music can heal a lot of things. Always keeping this in mind I will continue making my music.

Music are waves and waves can NOT be destroyed, never!